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Meet Ana Buenrostro, Laugh Out Loud Tour Discovers Treasure

Ana Buenrostro has been seen in the open mic circuit putting in more hours than a truckdriver on Red Bull. Opening and charming stages all over Texas and occasionally cities over the border. Her personality is a blend of sweet lollipops and hot jalapeno peppers running with scissors. 

Comedian Ana Buenrostro

The Laugh Out Loud Tour has kept an eye on this sleeping star as she displayed her commitment to the comedy journey on social media. “We’ve seen her make big personal sacrifices and continue to work material in clubs.” says Frank Lopez. There’s a special quality that talent scouts seek in hopefuls trying to get into the entertainment industry.

We hope to further develop and polish this freshly earthed diamond on the 22 city tour. She is invited to co-headline the tour with comedian Jessi Saldana as they circle the nation like they’re running for office. Her first show with the tour will be in Tomball, TX at Forum Lounge May 11th.

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